What can I and can't I do under the vicons license?

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The End User License Agreement provides full details which you must abide by but this is a summary:

What can I do with the software?

1. Use it for life, with as many PowerPoint, Excel and Word files as you like
2. Use it on a single computer
3. Receive free updates
4. Make unlimited distributions and copies of PowerPoint, Excel and Word files containing limited selections of the graphical assets
5. Use the product and/or the resulting files in public places
6. Make copies for backup purposes
7. Uninstall and transfer the license from one computer to another

What can I NOT do with the software?
1. Modify or decompile it in any way
2. Have it installed on or use it on multiple computers at the same time
3. Resell, loan or rent it for a fee or transfer the license to another person
4. Use it as part of a business service offering eg. for generating client presentations
5. Post any graphical assets on any electronic bulletin board, FTP or file sharing programs
6. Put any graphical assets online in a downloadable format
7. Use any graphical asset in a website at a resolution higher than 72dpi at 640×480 pixels
8. Create PowerPoint, Excel and Word files containing the full set of graphical assets or more than 50 in a single file, or the full set across multiple files.