I don't have admin rights but I need to install Participoll.

How to install Participoll without admin rights.

ParticiPoll is compatible with PowerPoint for PC on Microsoft Office versions 2010 and 2013. The standard installer is built into an EXE file that will install directly into PowerPoint for you. That version requires that you have admin rights to install software on your computer. If you don't have admin rights, follow the steps below to manually put the plugin into PowerPoint.
  1. Download the PPAM (PowerPoint Plugin with Macros) version of Participoll here: http://www.presentationpro.com/downloads/participoll.ppam
  2. Run PowerPoint, click the File menu, click the Options button and then click Add-Ins.
  3. In the Manage select box, click PowerPoint Add-ins, and then click Go.
  4. In the Add-Ins dialog box, click Add New.
  5. In the Add New PowerPoint Add-In dialog box, browse for the ParticiPoll.ppam file you have just downloaded and then click OK.
  6. If a security notice appears, click Trust Publisher or Enable Macros, and then click Close.
  7. IMPORTANT:  You must now close down and restart PowerPoint