How do I insert a Prezi presentation into PowerPoint?

How to Insert your Prezi presentation into a PowerPoint slide

First, you will need to download a previous version of Prezi Desktop software for PC (we have version 4.2 available to download that works). Prezi Pro account comes with Prezi Desktop software so you can create Prezi presentations on your computer. You can get the software free for 30 days but after that, a subscription to Prezi Pro is required. 
Also, newer versions of Prezi desktop (including the current version available for download from and presentations downloaded from Prezi online do not work. The presentation needs to be exported as a portable prezi from an older version of Prezi Desktop. We have found that version 4.2 is compatible and works very well. For this reason, you may need to rebuild your Prezi presentation using Prezi Desktop version 4.2 so that the Prezi will be compatible.

Download Prezi Desktop 4.2 Here

When you open Prezi...Do not upgrade Prezi Desktop! Prezi Desktop will automatically check for updates and you will be asked to upgrade, click NO.

How it Works
There are 2 folders in the exported portable presentation that are required for this to work. Newer versions of Prezi don't create these folders. Export a portable presentation, then copy the 2 folders (data and to the same directory that your PowerPoint is saved in. 

Step by Step Guide for How to insert Prezi into PowerPoint
  1. In Prezi Desktop version 4.2, open your presentation and go to File, Export Portable Prezi. (this will create a Zip file)
  2. Extract the Zip file to a new folder.
  3. Copy 2 folders "Data" and "" and Paste them into the same location that your PowerPoint presentation is saved.
    1. keep in mind that these 2 folders will always have to be kept with your presentation for it to work. if you send someone your presentation without these folders, the Prezi won't work.
  4. In PowerPoint, go to the slide that you want to have a prezi presentation.
  5. Go to SlideDynamic Ribbon and click on "Insert Offline Prezi".
  6. That's it. If the folders are in the right place, a box with an X in it will show up in your slide. That is the inserted Prezi. You can only play the prezi when you run the PowerPoint slideshow.


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