Can I insert Prezi presentations using SlideDynamic

SlideDynamic > Pre_Sales Questions
SlideDynamic can insert a Prezi presentation into your PowerPoint slideshow so that when you run the slideshow, your Prezi will play inside your slide. 

There are 3 buttons in SlideDynamic for handling Prezi. 
Insert Offline Prezi
Insert Multiple Prezi
Insert a Prezi

Insert Offline Prezi works best. It requires an older version of Prezi Desktop (4.2). You can send the presentation and the supporting files to play the PowerPoint with the inserted Prezi on other computers.
Insert Multiple Prezi will allow you to insert more than 1 Prezi into your PowerPoint but you cannot share the presentation to play on other computers.
Insert a Prezi does not work anymore because of changes from