The Product/Category list is empty

Condition: When you click on the product/category list, it just shows a long empty box.


There are a few possible ways to fix the issue.


1. The database file is corrupt and needs to be re-downloaded. 

This is fairly straightforward. You will only need to delete the file and restart PowerPoint. when Express loads, it will automatically download the database for you.


1. close PowerPoint.

2. Open File Explorer. 

3. Browse to C:/Users/[your username]/AppData/Roaming/PresPro
Inside the Users folder, make sure you open the folder with the same name as the Windows Login you use to sign into the computer.
If you do NOT see a folder named "AppData", go to the View ribbon in File Explorer and in the Show/Hide section, check the box next to Hidden Items to see it.
4. Open the folder "DB" and delete all of the files in it. Do not delete the folder named "DB".

5. Close File Explorer and Open PowerPoint.
6. When you open a new blank presentation, the Express Addin will download a new database file to replace the one you deleted. Try applying a design again.

2. The Express plugin may be attempting to use a Proxy Server to connect even if there isn't one.


To fix this, first try to reset the Proxy server setting in the tool. if that doesn't work, you will need to manually delete a registry key for the express plugin so it will be forced to sign in again and then change the settings.


Reset the Proxy setting
1. Go into the Settings screen and uncheck the option “Use a proxy server to connect”
2. Click the Logoff link at the top right of the form
3. Close PowerPoint and then reopen it.
4. Go to the PresentationPro tab and click Search Designs to open the Express plugin.
5. Here’s the trick that fixes it…On the Welcome screen, fill in your email address and password. Then you need to check and then uncheck the proxy option. Put a check next to “Use a proxy server to connect” and then click it again to remove the check. The rest of the fields underneath should disappear.
6. Click login at the bottom. Now go to the settings screen again and the “use proxy server to connect” should be unchecked.

3. Delete the registry settings 

NOTE if you are not familiar with the Windows Registry or if you are apprehensive about working in it, STOP. contact your IT or call/chat with PresentationPro support to help you. 
1. close PowerPoint.

2. click on the start menu and click on the cortana bar. Type Regedit and hit Enter.
(if you don't have cortana, you can click on start menu and do a search for "regedit" and it should start up.

3. when Registry Editor starts up, you need to browse to the PresPro key at "Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\PresPro". 
To get there, on the left tree column, expand HKEY_CURRENT_USER. under that, expand SOFTWARE. Under that you will see a folder named "PresPro".
4. Right click on the folder "PresPro" and delete it. Do not delete the folder named "PresentationPRO". Only delete "PresPro"

5. close the registry editor and then start PowerPoint.

6. The signin form for Express plugin will load automatically. fill in the Email and password fields only.

7. Immediately under the password field is an option for Proxy settings. It should be completely empty. Click once on the Proxy Settings check box to put a check in it. You should see additional fields pop in for filling out the proxy details. Click once on the same proxy box again to blank it out. This time, all the fields below it should disappear. Now Proxy settings should be completely disabled. 
8. Click "Login" at the bottom. and you should now be able to use the plugin.

Other possibilities

1. If you know you are using a VPN, temporarily disconnect from it and open PowerPoint to see if that resolves the connection.
2. If you have a firewall enabled, temporarily disable the firewall and open PowerPoint to see if that resolves the connection.
    - if this fixes the issue, you can go through the specific applications that are blocked by your firewall and allow PowerPoint and PresentationPro Express.