I can't download any designs

Express PowerPoint Plugin > Support Help
There is a known bug that sometimes causes this to occur. In the Express plugin, click the Settings link near the top right of the plugin and see if "Use a proxy server to connect" is checked. If it is, follow the steps listed below to fix the issue.
  1. Go into the Settings screen and uncheck the option “Use a proxy server to connect”
  2. Click the Logoff link at the top right of the form
  3. Close PowerPoint and then reopen it.
  4. Go to the PresentationPro tab and click Search Designs to open the Express plugin.
  5. Here’s the trick that fixes it…On the Welcome screen, fill in your email address and password. Then you need to check and then uncheck the proxy option. Put a check next to “Use a proxy server to connect” and then click it again to remove the check. The rest of the fields underneath should disappear.
  6. Click login at the bottom. Now go to the settings screen again and the “use proxy server to connect” should be unchecked.