How do I download my templates from PresentationPro?

PowerDesigns 5-in-1 Package > Support Help
The easiest and fastest way to apply any design from PresentationPro is to use the Express PowerPoint plugin found here. It is included free with all bundles. The plugin also has a 30 day free trial.
To download templates directly from, Go to your account at If you are prompted to login, use your email address and password. 
On the Account Info page, click the 3rd link under the banner 'PowerDESIGNS Category List'.
Here you will see a list of all the categories for templates, animated templates, graphics, icons and slides. choose a category to browse or type a keyword into the search bar.
Once you have found the template you want, click the thumbnail to view the enlarge page and click Download. Most templates have 2 download options for '.ZIP' and '.PPT'. The ZIP contains the template file to apply to any presentation and the PPT is a PowerPoint presentation with the template already applied. (In other words, the ZIP download lets you apply the template to any existing presentation. The PPT is already a presentation so you can open it and edit it in PowerPoint.)
Instructions for how to apply a template to your existing PowerPoint presentation can be found here.