How to apply PresentationPro designs to your current slide in the Express plugin.

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Some PresentationPro designs always get inserted into the wrong slide when I use the Express plugin.
How to apply PresentationPro designs to the slide you want using the Express Plugin for PowerPoint. 
This applies to the following products.
Data-Linked Infographics
Vivid Data-Linked Infographics
Pop-Out Photos
CutOut People
Doodle Shapes
Editable PowerGraphics
Editable PowerIcons
Flat Presentation Toons
Presentation Diagrams Starter Pack
Presentation Diagrams Plus
Video PowerQuotes
Vivid Infographics
All of these products are saved as single slide PowerPoint (PPT/PPTX) files because the shapes used to make up the designs are made entirely inside PowerPoint. For this reason, the plugin has to insert the entire slide the design is saved to into your presentation.
The new slide that gets added will be at Slide 2.
To copy the design to the slide you want, follow these quick steps.

1. Apply a design from one of the products listed above to your presentation.
    Express will create a new slide 2 and add the design there.
2. Highlight the new design on slide 2 and copy it.
3. go to the slide you want the new design to be added.
4. On the Home tab, click the down arrow under Paste and choose keep source formatting
5. you can delete the slide 2 that was added from the Express plugin.