How to roll back Microsoft Office 2016 Updates

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How to roll back Office 365 2016.
To get the express plugin to work, you can use the link below for simple instructions on how to roll back office to version 1609 (Build 7369.2055). This build was released on Nov. 8, 2016. 
Step 1. Disable Automatic Updates in Office.
- Open PowerPoint.
- Go to File >> Account.
- Click on Update Options and set it to Disable Updates.
Office Updates Disabled
Step 2. Download and run a Batch file.
Close any Office Programs you have running.
Download the following zip file and extract it to your desktop. (
Right-click on the file 'Office2016Rollback.bat' and choose 'Run as Administrator'
Office Updates Disabled
This batch file will streamline the process to start Office Updater and tell it to install a specific build for you.
Here is a Microsoft Support Article for more information on how to control Office Updates.