Installing PresentationManager

PresentationManager > Support Help
To Download and Install PresentationMANAGER
  1. Go to your account at 
  2. Select “Download Now” under the Order History for PresentationMANAGER. (note that it is also included in some bundles. If you purchased a bundle, click the download link next to your bundle and PresentationManager will be included there.)
  3. From the dialog box select either to save the program to your computer’s hard drive (remember where you have saved the .exe file) or click open to install directly from our website. Make sure your PowerPoint is closed before installing.
  4. Open a PowerPoint presentation and click the PresentationMANAGER button in the top left hand corner of your PowerPoint

Upon successful installation, open PowerPoint, you will need to activate.


To Register and Activate

  1. Open PowerPoint
  2. Click on the PresentationMANAGER icon
  3. Select the “Help” button form the menu bar and choose “Registration”
  4. Input your registration code (copy and paste to ensure accuracy) into the activation code area.
  5. Click activate