How do I apply a template to my existing PowerPoint presentation from PresentationPro?

The easiest method is to use the Express PowerPoint plugin found here. The Express Plugin is included free with any purchased bundle and also has a free trial available.

If this is not an option, follow these steps to apply a template to PowerPoint.


First you will need to download the design from PresentationPro.

1. Login to and browse the PowerTemplates categories to find the template you want to apply.
2. Click the Thumbnail to enlarge the design and then click Download. 
3. Choose the ZIP option and save the file to your computer. 
4. Once the file is downloaded, locate it on your computer and extract the template files to a folder on your computer.

Next, you will open your presentation and apply the new design.

1. Open your PowerPoint presentation. On the Design Tab, under the Themes group, expand the list of thumbnails by clicking on the down arrow on the bottom right corner of that box.
2. Click Browse for Themes... at the bottom of the window.
3. Browse your computer to find the template you extracted in the steps above. Select the template and click Apply.

    note that most of the templates from PresentationPro come with 2 files. The file with "_TXT_" in the name has more artwork in the text slides. The file with "_PRT_" has less artwork on the text slides to allow for more information to be placed on the slide.

4. The new design along with all of the available layouts and color theme will be applied to all of the slides in your presentation.

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