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Version 1.5 - Feburary 2011 - 21.3MB

- Prevents installation on 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows.
- Installation files are cleaned more thoroughly on uninstall to prevent mixed versioning and potential PowerPoint crashes.

- The "About and License" window is now correctly shown when the button is clicked for all supported versions of PowerPoint , even when the trial has expired (previously not working for PowerPoint 2007 and 2010). If there is an issue with the COM add-in (such as being disabled or the wrong version) the "About and License" will show the dialog box "ActivePresentation Designer is unavailable..." with a link to this support page.
- Update and First-Run forms are now bought to the front-most of all applications to prevent user perception that PowerPoint has crashed when in fact the modal window is waiting for user input.

Menu Bar Designer:
- The add-in now checks to see if the menu bar would appear below the PowerPoint Slide Show Popup Toolbar and if it does, the the popup toolbar information text/hyperlink is displayed below the template selection ComboBox. The text is hyperlinked to this support page.
- The Preview Template button has been removed following user feedback. The Template preview image is now automatically generated when the template selection changes in the ComboBox or anything changes in the Menu Bar Background, Level 1, Level 2 or Level 3 frames.

- The Software Updater now takes care of locales that use decimal separators different from "." (eg. "," for the French locale). This corrects the situation whereby the user would always be told that a new version exists, even if they were using the latest version.