How do I use PowerSLIDES graphics in another presentation

PowerSLIDES download as a standard PowerPoint presentation with a .ppt file extension.

Double click the file to open the presentation and view the slide options
(note: view animations in Slide Show mode).

Copy Slide Graphic
1. Select the graphics you would like to copy (or use CTRL A to select all).
2. Use the right click menu to select Copy.
3. Go to the slide where you would like to paste the graphics, right click on the slide and select Paste.
4. Once the graphics have been added to your slide you can move and resize as needed.

Editing Text Placeholders
Text placeholders have been included in the design to make is easy for you to customize the slides with your own text and content.
1. Click inside any text placeholder and type over the sample text.
2. Any unwanted placeholders can simply be deleted from the slide.


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