What is the difference between Interactive and Non-Interactive modes in PPTWebBrowser?

Interactive Mode means that you can use the web page like normal navigating. You can type into it, click on links, etc. 
Non-Interactive Mode means that you cannot use the browser, think of it like the page is read-only. If you click on anything or hit a keyboard key, the browser will automatically close and continue PowerPoint. This is very useful for presenters who...
- are only using a remote clicker to navigate the presentation (don't have a mouse/keyboard available while they present)
- are presenting in kiosk mode
- want a seamless flow in the presentation while showing a web page.


This is very useful for presenters who are only using a remote clicker to navigate the presentation (don't have a mouse/keyboard available while they present)


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This is very useful for presenters who are only using a remote clicker to navigate the presentation.

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