How to use Quick Animator

Quick Animator PowerPoint plugin is split into 2 sections for Animations and Transitions.

Animations (Adding action to anything within the slides, like having your text fly in)

First, choose the animation you want to use from a dropdown selection of what we feel is the most widely used animations.
Below that, is a dropdown box where you can choose a direction.
(in some cases, there are additional options such as in or out, that’s when the 3rd drop down box becomes useful.

In all cases, animations have a default direction and additional options (for instance, Fly will default to ‘From Bottom’ so you are not required to set these options, they will be prefilled for you).


Options (for Animations)

In the Options box, you can choose to animate everything on the slide (default)

Animate Slide Title and Animate Slide Content refer to what on the slide will have the new animation. A lot of people don’t like to animate their Slide titles because they want it to always be visible on the slide.

Start Option is if you want the pieces in your slide to wait for you to click the mouse to advance the animations step by step or if you want the pieces to animate automatically one after the other.

Slide selection is there if you want to set animations to a single slide or to all slides.


Transitions (adding animation between the slides, like fading from slide 1 to slide 2)

The Transitions follow the same logic. Pick an effect from the first dropdown box, then pick a direction from the second dropdown box if you want to change from the default. Lastly, choose if you want the new transition to apply between all of your slides or just the one you are currently on.


Bottom Apply

There are 3 buttons at the bottom. Apply will save your current settings and apply everything you selected to your presentation.

Clear all animations and Clear all transitions will simply do just that. They will search through your presentation and remove any animations or transitions that it finds. It won’t remove the slide pieces, it will just take out the animation. This is extremely useful if someone sends you a presentation that already has a bunch of animations in it.