Can I copy designs to a new presentation after I download them from PresentationPro?

The license agreement allows you to apply any of the designs on as many presentations as you want with a few exceptions. Here is the License Agreement for you to review.
How you copy designs to a new presentation depends on the type of design. Most designs are applied directly to the slide so you can highlight the item and go to the Home tab, under Clipboard group, click Copy. Then on your new PowerPoint presentation, go to the Home tab, under Clipboard group, click Paste. If you have a template applied, all of the artwork in the template is applied to the Slide Master so it will not be copied to your new presentation.
To copy a template theme to your new presentation, go to the View tab, under Master Views group, click Slide Master.
In the left thumbnail list, click the top larger thumbnail to select it and then go to the Home tab, under Clipboard group, click Copy.
In your new PowerPoint presentation, go to the View tab, under Master Views group, click Slide Master. Go to the Home tab, under Clipboard group, click Paste.
This will put the entire template theme including all available layouts into your new presentation. 
To exit the Slide Master view and return to editing the presentation slides, go to the Slide Master tab and click Close Master View.
Now, to apply the design to your slide, select the slide and go to the Home tab, under the Slides group, click Layout and choose the slide layout you want for your slide.


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This will put the entire template theme including all available layouts into your new presentation.

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Open both presentations: the one from which you want to copy a slide master and the one into which you want to paste the slide master. Select Slide Master from the View tab in the presentation that contains the slide master you want to replicate. Right-click the slide master in the slide thumbnail window and select Copy. |
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