How will I get the new designs when PresentationPro adds new content?

We periodically add new designs based on customer feedback and requests. You can always go to your account at to see a list of what we have added along with a single bulk download link to get everything that was posted in that update. 
Whenever we post updates to any subscription, we send out emails notifying all customers that the new designs are here.


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The practice of sending out email notifications to all customers about updates demonstrates proactive communication and ensures that customers are informed about the latest additions to their subscription.
Tom Mison (3/21/2024 at 12:52 AM)
Just go to your account at or; to see the list of new designs and use the single bulk download link to get everything that was posted in that update. PresentationPro also sends out emails to notify all customers whenever new designs are added based on customer feedback and requests. This way, you can stay updated on the latest content and easily access the new designs.
Richard William (5/8/2024 at 10:19 PM)