vMaps Update - Version 1.4

Change History
Version 1.4 - 17 June 2013 - 32.1 MB (ZIP is 33,673,808 bytes)

New Features:

- Map library now includes the African countries of Sudan, South Sudan and Malawi.
- New Australia outline map in Mercator projection.
- New Australia States map with state and major city labels.
- Auto Color Excel template updated with changes for Africa and new sheets for Ireland.
- New trial functionality to enable evaluation of Auto Color feature.
- Licensing for double-byte languages.
- Auto check for updates when PowerPoint starts (with user override).
- Trial reminder appears when PowerPoint starts.
- Map window unloads after a map has been inserted.

Bug Fixes:
- USA states (48) map error fixed for the states of New Jersey / New York.
- Tasmania now part of the Australia grouping.
- Bug fixed whereby incorrect map name text could be added to slide.
- Compatibility issues with PowerPoint x64 (2010 & 2013 on Win 7/8 x64) have been fixed.
- Corrected a bug that caused the add-in to crash when trying to fill shape groups that contain non-freeform shapes.
- Auto Color now works if map is filled with a picture (e.g. a flag) before Auto Color starts.