How to create a quiz.

How to make quizzes in PowerPoint
Follow these steps to get started with creating your first quiz in Quizmaker

Once you download the installer, run the setup routine and follow the instructions. If you are using PowerPoint 2007, you'll find a PowerQuizPoint tab on the Ribbon. In the case of Xp/2003 you will see buttons as shown below

PowerQuiz Point toolbar 2007
PowerQuiz Point toolbar 2003
PowerQuizPoint in PowerPoint 2007/2010
PowerQuizPoint in Office Xp/2003

Creating your first Question

Clicking the insert button opens PowerQuizPoint Quizmaker

Question Tab

PowerQuizPoint screenshot 1 

The question tab provides you with the following options

A. Option for inserting the Header Text
B. Option for selecting the Category
C. Text area for inserting/ Typing your question
D. Choice options 
E. Next/Continue option
F. Back Navigation options
G. Insertion option: Here you are provided with three choices.

PowerQuizPoint screenshot 2 . 

Once you are done with filling all these fields you need to move on to “Correct Slide Tab”.

Correct Slide Tab

PowerQuizPoint screenshot 3 

The Correct slide tab provides you with the following options


A. Header Text…Like “Yes, you are absolutely right”
B. Message box which allows you to pass on any extra info regarding the question.
C. Next button
D. Back button

Once you are done with filling all these fields you need to move on to “Wrong Slide

Wrong Slide Tab

PowerQuizPoint screenshot 4 

The Wrong slide tab provides you with the following options


E. Header Text…Like “Sorry , you have choosen an incorrect answer”
F. Message box which allows you provide the right answer for that question.
G. Next button
H. Back button

Once you are done with this, you can insert this question by clicking on the “Insert Quiz Question Option” 
Now you can see that the question is being inserted to PowerPoint.

You need to repeat this procedure for inserting your desired no of questions for you quiz. After this you need to click finish button.

Publising Quiz

After finishing insertion of question you can view the quiz either by clicking "View Show" or using F5 Hot Key in PowerPoint or by publishing the inserted quiz in Macromedia Flash format.


To Publish the Quiz in Flash Format please follow the steps given below.

1. Click "Publish Quiz" button from the PowerQuizPoint tool bar. It will pop up a dialog as shown below:

PowerQuizPoint screenshot 5

2. Click "Publish" button.

3. Once Publishing is done, you will have two options to save the quiz. "Save as swf" and "Save as Exe". Select the option of your choice.

Inserting Questions from Question Bank

PowerQuizPoint provides you with an option for saving the questions(category wise) in a question bank.
It even preserves the format of the text also.

PowerQuizPoint screenshot 6 

Users can edit the question by selecting "Load Question" button as in the dialog shown above.
An option to delete a question is also provided here.

Quiz Templates Selection Options

PowerQuizPoint provides users an option to select mindblowing quiz templates from its gallery.
They are designed specifically to suit different needs.

PowerQuizPoint screenshot 7 

Also, once inserted into powerpoint, users can even change the look and feel of the template according to their skills. This is an option which no other quiz creator available in the market provides.


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