A Getting Started Guide

Log into your account

  1. Click the PresentationPro tab. 

  2. Then click the "Search Templates" button
  3. Free trial login
    Enter email address to start free trial
  4. Subscribed Login
    Enter email address and password on account to login.

    If using a proxy server, click settings to enter your proxy information. 

Apply a design

  1. Search Field
    Enter search word(s). Then click "Go" button
    ( Leave blank to return results from all selected categories)
  2. Go Button
    Click the go button to start your search. 
  3. Search Results
    Use the scroll bar to navigate search results.
  4. Sorting Menu
    Select sorting options
    Options: Newest, Name, Most Popular
  5. Sort by Color
    Sort results by specific color
  6. Applying an item
    Highlight the item you want to use and click the arrow. Then select apply from the menu
    *See additional apply options below

Apply Options
  1. Layout Options
    Select the layout style for text and title slide

  2. Apply to menu
    Choose where to apply the selected item
    Current slide
    Slide Range
    Create New Slide
    Create New Presentations 


What I did is to enter email address and password on account to login.


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