The Express plugin will not connect

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There are a lot of possible reasons for why the plugin can't or won't connect to your account. Let's start with the basics and move our way up from there.
1. Double check your email address and password are correct.
   Open a web browser and go to if you are able to login here, then they are correct.
2. Reset the connection.
Restart PowerPoint and if you are able to open the Express plugin but you cannot download any of your designs, click on Settings near the top right of the window and then click 'Update Status' to refresh the details shown. If that still doesn't work, click Logoff at the top right and then reopen the Express plugin and fill in the Email Address and Password and click Login.
3. Check the length of your password.
    The Express plugin has a maximum limit of 13 characters for the password. The web site will allow much longer passwords. You will need to log into your account with the link above and change the password to be less than 13 characters long. 
4. Is 'Use a proxy server to connect' checked but you don't use a proxy server.
    When you first start PresentationPro Express plugin, on the welcome screen most people only need to fill in Email address and Password and then hit Login.

You do NOT need to check the box immediately under Password unless you are certain that you use a proxy server to connect to the Internet. You can also get to the connection properties in the Express plugin by clicking on Settings near the top right corner of the plugin.
5. Is a firewall blocking the connection.
Try temporarily disabling your firewall and then launch PowerPoint and try to open the Express plugin to see if you are able to connect and apply a design. If it does work, you will need to go through your firewall settings to allow PowerPoint or PresentationPro Express to connect.
At this point, the issue needs to be addressed by one of our support technicians. Open a new support ticket so that we can help. try the remaining steps and include the information when opening the support ticket. Also, please include the Windows and PowerPoint versions that you have running to save time as well as if it is 32bit or 64bit.
6. Try connecting to a different account.
Try logging in with the following test user information
Password = betatest
In rare cases, customers are not able to connect to an account through the express plugin, but setting up a new account has worked. If this account works, Please let us know so that we can quickly get your order information migrated to a new account.
7. Test the connection in a web browser.
First, verify that you can log into our site by going to if you get into your account, then the username/password verification for the server is working for your account.
Next, use a web browser (it doesn’t matter which one) and put the following updated string in the address bar
(you need to replace [userpassword] with your password)
You should get a blank white page with a “valid=1” message if everything works.
If you get valid=0, something isn’t working so try using the credentials above for betatestuser and see if that works.
8. Send the log file created by the plugin to support.
At this point, our support staff needs to help further diagnose the issue. There should be a file ‘Log.txt’ in the working folder for the plugin at C:/Users/[username]/AppData/Roaming/PresPro/.